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Welcome: This is the website for the guild on World of Warcraft, Realm: Nesingwary, Faction: Horde, LaceyDeath! We are recruiting everyone right now, we are a social/leveling guild please be a mature player. We have a guild bank with only 1 tab, working on getting more. Looking for 2 reliable players to be both Laceym and Deathmul's helpers. The helper position means that you take over as co-gm when either Lacey or Deathmul (depending on who's helper you are) aren't on. You help run the guild and give opinions on what we should do. Again only someone trusted by Laceym/Deathmul will be given this position.

Raiding: LaceyDeath will be doing some old raids when we get more members, starting with Zul Gurub and Ending with Sunwell, now if we manage to get enough 80s before cata then we will do some 80 raids as well. But if we don't then we go onto cata leveling up to 85 and there we will do level cap raiding.

Leveling: Onto leveling, this is a leveling/social guild so if anybody needs help then ask and you should get help. We want to get our members to 60-80 so that we can do some raids. Our loot rules will be MS>OS and yes 60s in 60 raids get priority, 70s in 70 raids get priority, so that you can have the gear on your way to 80.

Any Questions: If you have any questions on the guild that the website doesn't answer be sure to send an e-mail to Laceym at: or message Laceym in game.

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LaceyDeath, Aug 5, 10 12:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Death Knight
Blood (500)
Frost (500)
Unholy (500)
Balance (500)
Feral (500)
Restoration (500)
Beast Masters (500)
Marksmanship (500)
Survivalists (500)
Arcane (500)
Fire (500)
Frost (500)
Holy (500)
Protection (500)
Retribution (500)
Discipline (500)
Holy (500)
Shadow (500)
Assassination (500)
Combat (500)
Subtlety (500)
Elemental (500)
Enhancement (500)
Restoration (500)
Affliction (500)
Demonology (500)
Destruction (500)
Arms (500)
Fury (500)
Protection (500)
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